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We would like to make this clear to all our CUSTOMERS due to a very few designers here within moove that dont make them self clear about there Item's.
We would like to tell our Customers that once they Purchase a item or if it is freee.
Then U can do what U want with it use it in contests of moove, sell it ,pass out to freinds as there not a thing we can do about the Black Markect it always going to be there laughs.
Hopefuly U do the right thing.
However if we find out No matter who U are  that U are selling our Items as yours  or see it on ya site for free or for sale without our permission we be after U with all we got .
I do hope this clear's up certain Issues  that some may have about our Items .
PS--Dont bother coming to us and telling us what people are doing with our files if they choose to do the wrong thing then we dont want to know about it
Thank U

We would like to thank *Da-Ice-Man* as he was the first one to make me and sister a SRF and ASM for a gown there for all his gowns we sell by useig his SRF and ASM he will get half as he saving for his membership renewal.

We also like to say a thank you to Andreasweetgirl and Candi_Sinz as they aslo donated some lovely new SRF and ASM so we can created new styles so thank you both lady's.

Also to all the other desingers who has stuff on ya site as well for others to use without you and your talents it be hard to bring new stuff to the community. So thank you all.